Boho Dress Tutorial

Simple DIY bohemian lace or tablecloth dress tutorial, with gathered waist and bell sleeve.
Perfect dress for photoshoots or boho wedding!

Step 1

*Starting off - I made this gown and then was asked how I made it, so the photos I have, weren't taken as I went along, they were taken after the fact. However, I can still explain how I made it.

  • First off, using about 3 meters of fabric, fold your fabric in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half again, so that you are cutting both sides in one.

Step 2

  • From the top neckline to the floor, should be the full width of the fabric.

  • Measure out from one end of the fold of the fabric (along the open end), about 3", for the neck width, and cut a slight scoop, for the back neckline.

  • From the edge of the neck, measure out how long you want the sleeve to be. A full length sleeve will be about 26" from the neck to wrist, with arm down.

  • Next, measure down from the neckline, about 15" or your front length measurement, and mark your waist.

Step 3

  • Measure out from the waist, 1/4 of your waist measurement plus about 3 or 4 inches (this will depend on how much gathering your want. 4" will result in an extra 16" total onto the waist). Mark with chalk.

  • From the end of the sleeve, measure how wide you want the bottom of the sleeve to be. A regular width would be about 10 - 15" long.

  • From the bottom of the sleeve, shape the sleeve going up slightly, to just above your waist marking, then curving out to the hem (however wide you are able to go.

*If your fabric has a scalloped edge, just leave the hem, otherwise, you can curve your hem.

Step 4

  • Open up the dress, and pin your sides and shoulders.

  • Stitch or serge the sides and shoulders.

  • Fold the dress in half, front to back, and cut your front neckline.

  • Hem your neckline, sleeves and bottom hem (if they don't have a scallop). *Here, I used a long rectangular tablecloth, so I had scallop on all edges.

Step 5

  • Chalk the waistline all the way around the dress.

  • Using 3/4 or 1" twill tape, starting at the center back, fold the edge of the twill tape under, and stitch it down along the top edge, following your chalk marked waistline.

  • When you come to the end, cut your twill tape a little bit long, and fold the end under.

  • Stitch the bottom edge down.

Step 6

  • Next, feed your elastic or drawstring through the twill tape. *I was able to bring my ribbon drawstring through the lace, to the outside.

Step 7

  • If you choose to do elastic at the waist, gather it up and finish it in the back.

Step 8

All Finished!!