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sCRUNCHie Tutorial

Quick and easy scrunchie tutorial to bring some nostalgia back into your life.

Step 1

  • Cut your strip (or strips). I prefer to use dimensions 25" long by 3.5" wide, but you can play around with those dimensions and find what you you like best.

* You can use any type of fabric for these. It's a great way to use up old scraps of fabric.


Step 2

  • Fold your strips in half with the right side of the fabric facing in.


Step 3

  • Starting about an inch to inch and a half down from the corner on the open side, stitch or serge along the edge.


Step 4

  • When you get to the end, finish about an inch from the bottom edge.


Step 5

  • Your strip should look like this.


Step 6

  • Flip the tube right side out.


Step 7

  • With the seam straight and facing up (not twisted), grab the to ends, and pinch or pin them together.


Step 8

  • Take the tube to your machine.

  • Starting at the corners, stitch the two short ends together. This takes a bit of playing around, because the fabric has to be manipulated and curved, as you sew.


Step 9

This is a lot easier to do with knits than woven's, because you can stretch them as you sew.


Step 10

  • Here's how the seam should look, when you're finished.

*Sometimes the fabric underneath gets a bit bunched, and it can be difficult to get this seam perfect, so it's okay if it's not perfect.


Step 11

  • "Stretch" out the tube, so that the seam goes inside. This part is so satisfying!


Step 12

  • Measure out your elastic to 9.5". I choose this length so that it's not too tight on the wrist.

You can use either rope elastic or regular 1/4" elastic.


Step 13

  • Put your elastic onto a bodkin turner or a safety pin.


Step 14

  • Going in from the opening of your tube, bring your elastic all the way through the tube and out the other side.


Step 15

  • Scrunch up your fabric and tie off your elastic. Make sure the knot is really tight, so that it doesn't come apart when stretched.


Step 16

  • Next, you need to close up the hole. You can either do this by machine, or by hand.


Step 17

  • Fold the ends in and pinch or pin them together.


Step 18

  • To close up my opening, I like to double up my thread, and run it through my wax, and then do an invisible stitch.


Step 19

  • If your invisible stitch is sloppy like mine, just tighten it up a bit.


Step 20

  • Voila!


Step 21

  • Tie off your ends and if you can, tuck your knots into the seam.


Step 22

  • All finished!!

  • Take a photo of your creation, and then show it off to the world!

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