A story of DESIGN

Fun facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada.

  • I find my biggest inspirations, from music (and Pinterest).

  • I was trained in pattern drafting, in 2007, but didn't start making PDF patterns till 10 years later.

  • I've never done street wear, till I started doing tmy non-maternity patterns (my focus has always been gowns and dresses.

  • I made my own wedding dress and didn't try it on till a few days before my wedding (thank the Lord, it fit).

  • I'm a collector of skills - including photography, videography, doula services, birth photography, art, and I dabble in graphic design. You can also find me at Chelsea Bootsman Doula.Photo.Film  On Instagram at www.instagram.com/chelseabootsman  Or Vimeo at vimeo https://vimeo.com/user75694553


Who am I? I'm a Canadian mom of four with a diploma in Costume Cutting and Construction, from 2007.

My main passion (I have a few), has always been designing and creating - it fuels me. However, with four kids at home, I've had to be very precise about how I spend my time.

Throughout the years, since attending college, I've worked on theater productions as head costume cutter, made bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns, graduation gowns, maternity gowns....basically, I've just made a lot of gowns, with some clothing for my kids, and photo props sprinkled in there. I've also started and sold a clothing business called Gracefully Birthed, and done some mentoring for other designers.

As a trained pattern designer, I never really gave PDF patterns any thought, until one day, back in 2016, I decided to give in and try to navigate this unfamiliar world. Since then, my focus has been on maternity prop patterns, under the business name Chelsea Celeste Designs. You can still find my prop patterns in my shop, but my new focus and love is to continue my mix and match patterns into the non-maternity world, to open my work up to a whole new market!

My vision for these patterns is to give you a template for your own visions. I encourage people to play with and modify these classic shapes, simply using them as a stepping stool, while also being fairly quick and easy builds, that anyone can follow along to!

So browse through the pdf sewing patterns that I've done up for you, and happy creating!